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prescription RENEWAL

Clinic Policy

Prescription Renewal​

To help us renew your prescription on time, please remember:


Prescriptions are usually reviewed during an appointment. Before each visit, please make sure to check the number of remaining renewals for your prescriptions. We will endeavour to ensure that there are sufficient number of refills until your next visit for re-evaluation of your medical condition. It is your responsibility to make an appointment before your drug prescription expires. If your pharmacy sends us a request for renewal, we reserve the right to bill for this service, unless there has been a mistake on our part.


Processing your Prescription Renewals


Please allow a 5-7 day processing time for prescription renewals. For ways to facilitate your renewals, we suggest you speak to your physician at your next visit to discuss alternative options.


Medication renewals will have a $20.00 dollar fee if they are requested over the phone or by fax. 

No charge if you are 80 years of age or older.

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