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Tay River Health Centre

An Eco-Friendly Initiative

The Tay River Health Centre is committed to  environmental sustainability. Our new building utilizes low impact materials and  energy efficient lighting and appliances, as well as sustainably sourced fixtures and furnishings. We also practice a responsible waste management structure.

We are proud to have worked with Ottawa based eco-fabricator Re4m Design and Fabrication on incorporating fixtures and design elements made from rescued and reclaimed materials. 

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Tay River Health Centre - Sunset

A Teaching Facility

Helping build the primary care workforce by supporting learning

Tay River Health Centre is a training site for physicians and other disciplines in family medicine. As a patient of our clinic, you will be seen by male or female medical students or medical residents as well as their supervising physician. Together with multi-disciplinary team members, our learners, and physicians and nurses are committed to providing you with the highest quality of evidence-based medical care.


What types of learners are at the clinic?

  • Residents are physicians who have recently completed medical school and are taking specialty training in Family Medicine in our clinics. They work with a practicing family physician preceptor.

  • Clinical Clerks are students in year three of their medical degree.

  • We also have nursing students here from time to time.



Who will I see during my visit?

Many visits in our clinics will be conducted by a male or female resident or other learner. Your physician may not always be present in the exam room - depending on the nature of your medical concern and the training level of the learner - but is always involved in the visit by helping to direct the care provided by the learner and assist with the decisions made.

Your visit may also involve more than one medical professional. This can result in some delays while learners review your care with the supervising physician. As a result, visits in our clinics typically take longer. Nevertheless, many of our patients take pleasure in knowing that they are playing a vital role in the development of a new generation of family physicians and other medical professionals.


Team-Based Care

Our dedicated teams of physicians, learners, multi-disciplinary allied healthcare colleagues and support staff work together to provide you with comprehensive, coordinated care. These teams work in small units within the clinic and work closely together to provide you with quality care.

Tay River Health Centre
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