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tay river health centre

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A State of the Art

 Medical Facility

Tay River Medical Centre is a stunning, modern medical facility in Perth, Ontario. Newly constructed in 2021, our state of the art building is home to a variety of medical professionals as well as a pharmacy and many other health services. Relax in our bright, open concept atrium and enjoy a locally brewed coffee or tea at our café while you wait for your appointment.

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Tay River Medical Centre
Tay River Medical Centre
Tay River Medical Centre

Meet the team of architects and designers who helped bring our vision of Tay River Health Centre to life. 

An Eco-Friendly Initiative

The Tay River Health Centre is committed to  environmental sustainability. Our new building utilizes low impact materials and  energy efficient lighting and appliances, as well as sustainably sourced fixtures and furnishings. We also practice a responsible waste management structure.

We are proud to have worked with Ottawa based eco-fabricator Re4m Design and Fabrication on incorporating fixtures and design elements made from rescued and reclaimed materials. 

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