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Dr. Christina Riehl

Family Physician

Dr. Christina Riehl is a family physician at Tay River Health Centre. Dr. Riehl obtained her B.Sc. in Kinesiology at Western University and medical school at McMaster University in 2016. After completing residency at the University of Ottawa, she anticipated wanting to move back to Toronto. However, after providing a local family physician with maternity leave coverage, her interest to practice medicine in a rural area was piqued. She enjoyed working in Perth so much so that she jumped at the opportunity to take on a departing physician’s practice in 2019.

Dr. Riehl appreciates the broad scope of practice that working in Perth provides – she manages inpatients and works in the ER at the GWM site of the PSFDH. Occasionally she sees newborns on the obstetrical unit in Smiths Falls and is hoping to provide palliative care services in the near future.

The most rewarding part of practicing family medicine in Perth for Dr. Riehl is the continuity of care she provides and the trusting relationships she has built with patients – why she chose to become a family physician.

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