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This is a program for Perl users who want to see a 'cut and paste' ( 'Block') text replacer. It makes text replacement. Firstly, the text to be replaced is highlighted and copied to a clipboard, and then entered into the box and, once submitted, it is replaced.It has a keyword list box which is checked against the text to be replaced so that text which the keyword is not found in, is changed to '?'s. However, keywords are case-insensitive.You can also change the colours of the text.Keywords:You can check the keyword box and add keywords to this list. The Add button will then run a search for any matching text - if the search returns no matches, the full line will be pasted into the box.Search box example:Search for a keyword: This is a testSearch the keyword:?p?n?r?fFile size limit:The size of a line of text to be replaced is limited to around 1,000 characters.If you have the full text, a keyword search will only work up to the point the file exceeds this limit - so, for instance, if your search string is for all 'here' strings, only the first 1,000 will be found.Another keyword search will replace the first 1,000 characters - so, for instance, you are searching for '?c?' to be replaced with '?' if it appears on line 1,000 of your file - then this will replace the first line, ignoring the second line.Multiline search:You can find all instances of multiple lines, starting at the first occurrence and ending at the last occurrence of your keyword (for instance, use 'one' as your keyword and the first occurrence of it is on line 1,000 and the last occurrence of it is on line 15,000). You can view the results in the form of a table, and export them as a CSV file.There is also an option to turn off the search for that keyword, so it will only change text when it appears on a single line, though this only affects the 'Find' box, the 'Replace all' box will continue to replace multiple instances of the keywords.Useful function functions:FTP upload functions are accessible via the keyboard shortcuts: 'F' takes you to a page that allows you to start a file upload from the file you are currently editing; 'G' will 08929e5ed8

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